I recently attended a conference and had the pleasure of meeting a variety of C-level executives, IT delivery and business users.

It was a great opportunity to have some really valuable conversations regarding the challenges that they are facing in their organisations.

The overarching theme was that most businesses are facing the same issues. Growing volumes and velocity of unstructured data, unaudited processes and a desire to move to the cloud but not convinced how to do it.

What I found concerning was when I asked the question “What are you finding most interesting about the conference?” the response on a number of occasions was “Everyone’s in the same boat.”

As human beings we take comfort in others being empathetic with us. In our day-to-day lives we appreciate empathy and sympathy from others. In the business environment however everyone being in the same boat provides an excuse to avoid embracing or making change.

If others are facing the same process and content challenges we relax and feel that we are not doing as bad as we might think – we can all take comfort.

If you are happy being in the same boat then you are constraining your thinking by not taking steps to investigate change that can revolutionise your business. Changes to business process through content automation can allow you to redeploy staff to higher value tasks, create competitive advantage and add directly to the bottom line.

Implementing document and process management solutions can drive solid outcomes for you employees allowing them to complete tasks more efficiently and meet SLAs driving costs down and growth up. The by-product of this is the business can ensure it is meeting compliance requirements as a result of people doing their work.

Being in the same boat might bring you comfort but rocking it will deliver a much better outcome.

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We are all in the same boat
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