The sophistication of scanning and print devices and their software continuously surpasses expectations with each generation. Deep consideration is given to the inputs and outputs within organisations. Pages per minute (ppm), DPI, image correction, OCR, ICR the list goes on. Often however what comes after the capture is not given the same respect.

Case Management, Document Management, Workflow and records are often delivered through a hotch-potch of line of business applications that have been selected over the years and muddled together.

The processing and storage of business critical content is siloed. Typically content is scanned to a network drive or email with the responsibility on the individual to put the content in the right place. There is scope for human error and for content critical to decision making to be misplaced or lost altogether.

Integration of content in this soup of applications is more often than not complicated and if embarked upon will have significant effort and budgetary requirements. The total cost of ownership also increases as upgrades to content stores become cumbersome and in some instances unachievable.

Configured as opposed to customised integration is vital to controlling the TCO.

As unstructured content enters the enterprise with more velocity than ever we need to consider how we manage content across all line of business applications. Silos lead to loss of information and misinformed decision making.

A platform which can handle multi-channel input whilst providing a rock solid process, content and records management capability is key to improving business outcomes. Couple that with the ability to represent content in line of business applications when it’s needed, where it’s needed and you have a solid foundation for your enterprise.

Talk to Blumark today about how we can help create a solid enterprise content management platform.

After the scan is done where should the content go?
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